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PICTURE BOX no.1: NOT’s landing

"We're the new frontier of British comedy, quick, Pamela, do the spazz face!"

Taking advantage of the acres of pixel space now opened on the front page of TV Cream, we start an occasional series of lovely-pictures-without-a-remit.

This time around it’s this snap from a photoshoot for the first series of NOT THE NINE O’CLOCK NEWS. Rowan Atkinson, of course, absent. Presumably he was busy somewhere with the “first team” of comedy. But, from left to right: a rare cigar-less Mel Smith, Chris “Anything we put in here by way of a descriptor would be ill-advised” Langham and Strictly Come Dancing’s Pamela Armstrong.

Keep watching TV Cream for another lovely-picture-without-a-remit soon!

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