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Woolton fete accompli

Radio 4 has been endlessly running the same trailer for its When John Met Paul effort. That’s a different When John Met Paul to the one that was on Radio 2 the other week, and the one which will no doubt be on 6 Music next week and every second week until Christmas, when they’ll air that Andy Peebles thing again.

Truth be told, the day Winston O’Boogie first met Macca was of far less consequence than other epiphanies in both men’s respective careers. Besides, given their mutual interest in the Liverpool late 50s music scene they would’ve bumped into each other soon enough, Woolton fete or no Woolton fete.

Of far more importance, and far less likely to receive documentary treatment on any radio network any time soon, are:

– the day Paul discovered how he could simultaneously wobble his head and sing with his mouth open in an ‘O’ shape
– the day John dreamed up a lyric that managed to rhyme “know the time” with “glad that I’m” (extra points to any reader for naming the song)*
– the day Paul discovered reggae (without which ‘C Moon’ would sadly not exist)
– the day John failed not to discover the avant-garde (without which ‘Revolution 9’ would mercifully not exist)
– the day Paul moved into that house just round the corner from Abbey Road (not least so it meant the boys could pop back to his place whenever anything decent was on the telly)
– the day John moved as far away from Abbey Road as he could (which convenienty also got him out of the country)
– the day Yoko lost her voice (well, here’s hoping)
– the day Heather lost £45m (ditto)

*Actually, just extra points to any reader.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. FeedbackReport

    July 4, 2007 at 11:45 pm

    That song would be Good Morning Good Morning. One point please.

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