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The Macca video jukebox: part eight


Paul goes to Hollywood. Well, Cricklewood.

a) This was the smash hit single to promote the smash flop film Give My Regards To Broad Street, both of which were released in 1984.
b) David Gilmour from Pink Floyd is on squealing lead guitar duties.
c) An alternate version, bravely subtitled ‘Special Dance Mix’, was also released and can be heard, should you last that long, over the film’s end credits.

a) The prelude, with Paul apparently in the guise of a cinema projectionist, busy making a mug of tea and trying to place a telephone call. Suddenly a cat scuttles up a nearby staircase and, whistling a strangely familiar tune, our hero follows.
b) A classic Macca head wobble essayed on the very first line.
c) The many clips from Give My Regards To Broad Street, which are probably more entertaining than the film itself. Heaven knows what’s actually going on here, but there’s some business involving Macca as a Victorian gentleman trying to rescue Ringo and Linda from sailing over a waterfall before being hunted through the smoky streets by a sinister Moriarty figure. Then there’s a New Romantic electro-discotheque sequence. There’s also a ballroom dancing display being invaded by some 1950s rockabillies, Paul in a taxi being watched by ladies of the night, and a tiny bit of sampled dialogue (“A box” “A big blue one”) which presumably is central to the film’s original plot.
d) Our man on the roof watching London alternately light up and blackout.
e) Paul trilling his way through the chorus being accompanied by a massive fireworks display.
f) The fantastic giant neon sign which first spells out ROAD TREE before cunningly expanding to declare BROAD STREET.

VERDICT: Folly. And another. And another.



  1. David Pascoe

    July 27, 2007 at 12:53 pm

    He’s wearing the “Give My Regards to Broad Street” patterned shirt!

    Nice to see Giant Haystacks pop up 1:25 from the end too.

  2. Realpolitik

    July 29, 2007 at 9:59 am

    I think I remember this being premiered on The Late Late Breakfast Show.

    I’ve got the Special Dance Mix on Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 4.

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