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How We Used To List: 9th – 15th MARCH 2002

What we were watching this week 20 years ago, as recorded in the back-issues of TV Cream’s weekly ‘e-mag’, Creamguide…

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9th – 15th March 2002
So much more than – Phil Norman
Walking down the road – Graham Kibble-White

Saturday 9th March


23.25 Tremors
Due to a regional distribution cock-up vis-a-vis the Radio Times, Creamguide (Films) is, er, proud to present Other Listings Magazines Are Available, the first in a hopefully) short series in which we crib transmission dates off a non-RT publication. This week – Creamguide (F) never knew there was so much in it, as we pick up the TV Times. Eh? Oh yes, this is the giant worms comedy/horror/disaster/suspense favourite, and Reba McEntire’s finest hour.


13.40 Citizen Kane
Another outing for possibly the least imaginative double bill in Saturday afternoon history.

15.35 The Magnificent Ambersons
Yep, you guessed it. Welles’ famously studio-butchered turn-of-century car magnate family saga. No doubt Messrs. Collins or Norman will have something more insightful to say about this in the grown-ups telly paper, but we can’t get at it.

18.30 Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?
If you’re in Scotland you get The Simpsons instead, which is probably a decent substitute.

21.00 Class of 1987
This series has proven to be good fun, although the 1980 episode only had one Guess The Chart Position And See The Answer On This Archive Top Of The Pops Chart Rundown round, when we’d happily have that round for the whole 45 minutes. In a way this most resembles a pre-shit-running-around-era Telly Addicts, we suppose, and so worth a watch.

21.45 Three Fights, Two Weddings And A Funeral
Creamguide got it wrong last time when we suggested that the Radio Times had incorrectly printed the cast list for this in their billing for Paul Calf’s Video Diary, as we’d forgotten Gary Olsen and John Hannah were in both. No “Got any Suede?” hilarity in this, of course, but good fun anyway.


15.00 The Hindenburg
George C. Scott is the token nice Nazi investigating the famous “oh, the humanity” airship disaster. Anne ‘Freddie and Max’ Bancroft, Roy ‘Invaders’ Thinnes and Burgess ‘Batman’ Meredith remove their pointy hats before boarding.

22.30 Denis Norden’s Sixth Laughter File
This is the programme that replaced the last episode of Bob and Rose last autumn, and caused an “ITV insider” to tell Broadcast that “it was so bad I had to turn it off”, which is shit because Denis is about a hundred times wittier than most of the LE presenters at ITV, and this show is a welcome return to form after the last few iffy Alright On The Nights, with all sorts of interesting offcuts. So shut up.


05.45 The Trap Door
05.55 The Clangers
We thought TV guides were supposed to run 6am – 6am?

12.00 Happy Days
Channel Four seemingly have no time to run any more episodes of Futurama…

12.30 Little House On The Prarie
…but plenty of time for this.

21.00 Heroes Of Comedy
What a nostalgia-packed line-up on C4 tonight! First up there’s this new documentary about Hattie Jacques, which promises comments from Eric (obviously) as well as Robin Le Mesurier, who we’ve never seen before. Then…

22.00 Can We Carry On, Girls?
Hat again! This time joined by the rest of the Carry On gang in a look at the roles that women took in them. Wouldn’t this be the ideal opportunity to show Carry On Cabby, C4?

23.05 Kings Of Black Comedy
“When white guys drive a car, they drive it like this!” The final part of this series takes a different tack from the other two, in that it takes Eddie Murphy as it’s starting point, and then goes on to look at the other black comedians that have followed on from him, including Chris Rock. And if this isn’t enough archive stuff for you…

00.10 Gregory’s Girl
Yet another chance for Stuart Maconie to start raving about Grogan and penguins and pastries. Off you go, you small boy!


17.00 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Richard ‘Pink Panther’ Williams takes vintage Warners and MGM characters and is made to animate them all wrong by the producers.

04.15 Sons and Daughters
If you know anyone who watches this, please get in touch, as it’s those people our foundation was set up to help.

Sunday 10th March


20.00 Only Fools and Horses
Last time this show was on, a couple of weeks back, it managed to beat both Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and, better still, Footballers’ Wives, so it’s no surprise they’re wheeling them out again, and at least this is actually from a bit earlier than 1996. Speaking of Footballers’ Wives, we’ve got to mention the fact that last week the Observer printed an editorial – under the masthead and everything – to plead with ITV to do another series. Not even the Sun did that! As another, funnier listings guide ( pointed out, we remember when describing a show as featuring ridiculous plots, awful characterisations and bad scripts meant that you thought it was unwatchable shite.


11.15 Stingray
Unless you’re up north in which case it’s on at 12.00, and you don’t get Robot Wars Extreme Revisited, so bad luck if you missed the previous hundred showings of that series on BBC2 and BBC Choice.


14.20 Show Boat
Remake of Ol’ Man River chestnut with Howard Keel, Agnes ‘Endora’ Moorehead and Leif ‘Chapparal’ Erickson. Well, it is Mother’s Day. “How the stars shine!” – TVT.

22.00 Four Weddings and a Funeral
We’re not sure if this is in tribute to “the feisty Charlotte Coleman” (TVT’s words) or if its just making its annual rounds again, but if the former’s true, we’d like to point out that Marmalade Atkins In Space is ripe for a rerun on ITV. As is Freddie and Max.

Monday 11th March


17.00 Blue Peter
Thanks to Peter Longbottom for updating us on recent events on BP, as we haven’t been able to see it much recently. We’ve missed “Simon in a bath house full of male strangers… not a first surely. This man needs few excuses to get his kit off on air.” And also “Konnie as a sumo wrestler, are there no bounds to this girl’s bottle”. Plenty more where that came from, no doubt.


08.35 Postman Pat
We are enjoying Cbeebies, if only to see Chris Jarvis singing the various songs to introduce the programmes. The man’s got natural rhythm!

19.05 Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
No longer clashing with Hollyoaks, thankfully. And it’s got less wooden acting than Emmerdale.

21.00 Shooting Stars
This has been shifted to make way for a repeat of Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps, and we’re disappointed because we thought it was a new series, and we sort of like it because it does the jokes other sitcoms are too posh to do. Oh, and Sir David Dickinson and Debbie McGee are on the panel tonight.

22.00 Room 101
A fine episode last week with John Peel, and those who had our I Spy John Peel Anecdotes books out got fifty points for the one about him expecting to die while trying to read the name of a band on a demo tape in his car, and everyone going ‘Oh, he would have wanted to go that way’. There was also a great line about him and Walters having trouble getting into gigs because people thought they just wanted to get in “to touch young boys’ bottoms”. That’s repeated on Sunday at 00.00, and tonight’s won’t be as good as it’s only Fay Ripley. And we normally only get two decent shows a series so it’ll probably be awful from now on.


16.15 How 2
HOW much did we enjoy the piece about Portsmouth FC in the Guardian’s sports 0pages the other day which made reference to “Portsmouth director Fred Dineage”, and made no comment about Fred’s day job at all. On every day at this time.


07.00 The Big Breakfast
Three weeks to go! Might be possibly worth tuning into this just after eight o’clock, as until it goes we’re getting BB Gold (which hasn’t yet featured anything from the week Peter Kay presented it in 1998) and also the return of Zig and Zag, although they’re not very good because they’re booking equally rotten guests as they did when they went crap first time round, and they have to banter with Mike McLean, who’s an idiot. In any case, turn it off the second those bits finish.

09.00 Bewitched
Every time we write this, we always spell it “Bewicthed”. Despite the fact we’ve typed it about a million times in the last two years.

13.25 Little House On The Prairie
A double bill, of which the first half is the second part of the story which began on Saturday, and the second half is the first part of a story which presumably finishes next Saturday. This is well organised, C4.

16.15 Countdown
Whisper it, but we’ve sort of stopped watching Countdown recently, partly because we often aren’t in front of the telly when it’s on, but also, at 45 minutes it gets ever so slightly boring. So it’s good news that on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week it’s back to half an hour because of the Cheltenham Festival – but that’d throw all the seedings and form off-kilter, wouldn’t it? And to complete the oddness, Andi Peters is in Dictionary Corner!

22.30 Roxanne
Steve Martin does “still any good” as the wisecracking Cyrano fireman. Good as it is, for us the line “where do you two come from, Nose City?” still beats it for rhinitic laughs. No need to explain why!


06.30 Dappledown Farm
Now The Mole’s been stupidly axed, this really is the best thing on Channel Five.

11.00 TJ Hooker
Actually given the channel’s current state, this might not be very far behind.

21.00 Caddyshack
“You scratched my anchor!” Every student’s favourite golf-based comedy returns, with Chevy Chase, Bill “in the hole” Murray and Rodney Dangerfield, I tells ya.

Hey Mr Beaver

#7 Jan Ravens, as seen in DEAD RINGERS, Friday, 21.30, BBC1

>From the always impressive* Amanda Howard Associates suite of “talent”** comes this week’s TV Cream Hero Jan Ravens. Here in TVC Towers, Ravens’ face is placed on our chart immediately above Joanna Munro – but just under Rebecca Front. We’re confident, however, that before long Jan’ll leapfrog Rebecca and will soon be jockeying with Ronni Ancona. Jan’s best work has been done in the service of commercials, chiefly doing the voice of the Cadbury’s Caramel rabbit. But, lest we forget, she also appeared in The Cambridge Footlights in 1978, unluckily missing Jimmy Mulville’s firm hand on the organisation’s tiller by just a year (he was president in ’77). The TV Cream Times editor reckons she’s never surpassed her portrayal of “Angie” in DUCK PATROL, but there’s a real body of support in the office for her appearances on HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU in 1990, 1991 and 1992.

Well, we all have our own favourites but what about you? Certainly Creamguide will be tuning in on Friday to watch DEAD RINGERS because anything that’s had the hand of Simon Lipson in it just has to be good. We’re right, aren’t we? In the meantime Jan Ravens will be accompanied to her cell in the TVCHW east wing. Don’t worry Jan, the rumours aren’t true – Josie Lawrence has never even been inside the building.

Request more information:

Click button for voice sample:



Tuesday 12th March


01.35 The Boy Can’t Help It
Welcome rerun for the absorbing documentary about Tourette’s sufferer and genuinely likeable fella John Davidson, but this time with sign language! We’ll certainly be turning in to increase our signing vocabulary. And at 03.25, a signed repeat of When Louis Met Ann Widdecombe, which was sort of fun, if only for David Frost’s glasses falling apart when he was live on air. What a pro he is!

02.05 To The Manor Born (Wales only)
Regional programming earlier in the evening means everything else on BBC1 Wales is shoved back and they’re unable to bring Fuck Off John to the principality’s screens. Instead, to fill a gap, a bizarrely scheduled repeat.


08.35 Postman Pat

19.05 TOTP2
If Steve Wright says “five past seven” one more time… anyway, this is one of those weeks when we don’t know what the clips are going to be, so it’s fortunate that we have to tell you about. Said site is an attempt to trace the history of Top Of The Pops, which we’re slightly pissed off about because we were always thinking about doing a site like that, but it’s actually really great, with all sorts of ace grabs and nicely in-depth history (“Caption used during the “Breakers” sequence, February 1985 – March 1986″). So go there – once you’ve finished reading this, of course.


03.10 ITV Sport Classics
Their current output features Andy Townsend, so no wonder they’re so keen to drag some archive stuff out.


06.00 The Magic Roundabout
No Bewitched (and yes, we did originally put “Bewicthed” there) until Friday because of The Morning Line. Or should that be The Monring Line?

21.00 The Real James Bond
Except it’s not really, it’s The Real Ian Fleming. An ex-flatmate of Creamguide’s once went to the pictures and saw Tomorrow Never Dies twice in one day, because she was so bored – so much so she then watched the whole of Police Academy V on telly the following day. Can you tell we haven’t read any of Ian Fleming’s books?


06.30 Dappledown Farm

11.00 TJ Hooker

14.20 Open House with Gloria Hunniford
David Soul guests, which reminds us of the time last year when he guested on Sport on Five on Five Live, because he’s a big Arsenal fan. And this is where we do the joke about how he’d be better than Andy Townsend, yes.

21.00 Big Trouble in Little China
“And the award for the fastest terrestrial repeat showing of a motion picture goes to…” This was last shown less than *three weeks* ago, on ITV. So presumably the rights have changed hands, but really C5, don’t you pay *any* attention to the big channels’ schedules at all? Even Kim Cattrall doesn’t deserve this much ribbing about her dodgy past. Five recently made a similar cock-up with a rapid repeat screening of Cool Hand Luke, so either this is some (very) oblique new programming strategy or no-one at Long Acre gives a toss anymore. Does Lord “delighted” Hollick know about all this?

Wednesday 13th March


17.00 Blue Peter
Oddly this is the only episode of the week which gets a signed repeat the following morning. So the deaf miss out on the delights of Fan-tasy Island, worse luck. It’s normally the most boring episode of the week as well.

22.35 When Rock Ruled The World
Unfortuantely Creamguide’s usual thorough research has gone somewhat awry this week, as we taped last week’s episode of this and, er, haven’t got round to watching it yet. What we do know is that there was some cracking Creamy stuff on it, and Maconie is on scripting duties, so we’d recommend it. But at the moment this billing is, shall we say, “under construction”.

00.20 The Carey Treatment
Grisly Michael Crichton novel iffily adapted by Blake Edwards, with James Coburn meandering through the title role as a murder-solving doctor. As the TVT says, “Quincy he isn’t!”


08.35 Postman Pat

13.10 Road to Morocco
Bing, Bob and Dot (along with Anthony Quinn and Yvonne ‘Munsters’ DeCarlo) crack off with the third and best of their fourth-wall-breaking, cheaply-shot comic variety romps. The TVT, evidently concerned that its readers might catch a bit of this black and white film by accident and think they’ve had a stroke or something, carefully couches it in terms of films from the past ten years, suggesting that it was as popular in its day as “a Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise film would be in recent times”. This is the screwiest TV guide we’ve ever read!

16.00 Yes Minister
Only BBC Scotland are giving this the treatment we’re accustomed to – ie, flinging it idly around the schedules.

19.05 TOTP2
No, still no clue about what’s included, but we’d suggest you’d look at the Creamguide for this week last year, as they’re normally exactly the same. Back to, then, and the best thing on this site is the Presenter Gallery, if just for that fantastic shot of Gary Davies wearing a “Medallion Man” jumper. And, of course, DLT’s “teacher at disco” outfit. And the four pictures of Steve Wright pulling the exact same face every time.

20.00 The Good Life
Bloody hell, not again.

22.00 Attachments
Although if the alternative’s this, we can live with that.


06.00 The Magic Roundabout


06.30 Dappledown Farm
We note the Radio Time shas started doing full episode summaries of this show now. Watch out What’s On TV, the RT wants it’s crown back!

11.00 TJ Hooker

15.35 Without a Clue
Michael Caine is the thick Sherlock Holmes stand-in, Ben Kingsley the does-all-the-solving Watson, in this rubbish late ’80s Britcom with Lysette ‘Three Up’ Anthony, Peter Cook, Gregor ‘Hamlet’ Fisher and Clive ‘Hello Mum’ Mantle.

22.00 Death Wish II
The last time Creamguide (F) picked up the TV Times, we immediately turned to Wisebuys by James and Janet Rolls, to catch the latest antics of those big-nosed little cartoon people joyfully installing loft insulation and attic conversions and “the walk-in shower that thinks it’s a toilet”. Which shows you how long it’s been since we’ve bothered with the TV Times. Not only is that little feature long gone, most of the other points of old school showbizzy charm we recall from the TVT of old seem to have been axed, too. It’s a pretty dull read, to be honest, though we did like the line in Tina Baker’s column about new Corrie star “Roy Hudd (No sign of Emu though, arf!)” In fact, slap on a few blurred screengrabs of last week’s Friends and 200 words of hyperbole about The Office, and we could be holding a copy of Heat!!! in our hands. Which would never do. Listings deregulation’s got a lot to answer for.

Thursday 14th March


20.30 This Is Your Life
Creamguide is always written when TIYL’s going out now, which explains why our billings for this are sometimes a bit confused. Not that it explains the other billings, obviously. Is it Paul Shane?

00.10 The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission
Sheard’s back! Yes, Mr. Bronson dons the postage stamp ‘tache yet again, as Lee “Wand’rin Star” Marvin and Ernest “Bingo was his name-o” Borgnine try to prevent his death. Speaking of war films, you can bet Creamguide grinned from ear to ear when we saw this –,7965,661730,00.html You really can’t kill a squadron, can you?


08.35 Postman Pat


22.30 Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned
“Speaking of a little bit of a puff on the side – didn’t you go to school with Prince Edward?” We always like this series, although it’s only on once a week now, which seems to be a bit of a waste. We’d happily watch it every night, open-ended if possible. And that is true. In other news, Banzai’s finished after just five episodes, which is a bit rubbish, but thankfully it’s replacement, a Trigger Happy TV compilation, has pushed the dire Estate Agents back later into the night, which is all to the good.


06.30 Dappledown Farm

11.00 TJ Hooker

15.35 The Whistle Blower
Father-and-son civil service team Michael Caine and Nigel Havers (now there’s a lost Don’t Wait Up pilot we’d have loved to see) sniff out espionage, finding James ‘Performance’ Fox, John Gielgud, the late Barry ‘Van der Valk’ Foster and Gordon ‘Professionals’ Jackson along the way.

20.00 Libel
Kelvin McKenzie fronts this look at famous libel cases of the past, and for legal reasons we’re unable to complete this billing.

Friday 15th March


17.00 Blue Peter
Of course the day Matt puts himself on Fan-tasy Island is the day we write in to take part.

22.35 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
Of course we haven’t seen the first episode of this new series yet, but we’re confident next week we’ll be able to report back about the nice-looking set, well-chosen guests and the disappearance of the stupid, stupid house “band”. And you wouldn’t let us down, would you, Jonathan?

23.15 Rollerball
We’ve never bothered with seeing this futuresport flick all the way through, as, design apart, we don’t really think it’s all that great, though the TVT praises its “Demolition Man-style” dystopian vision. James Caan, Maud ‘Octopussy’ Adams, Burt “betting ends” Kwouk and Sir Rich Ralphardson interrupt the action.


08.15 Bill and Ben
“It’s Friday! It’s Friday!” That’s as maybe, Chris, but it’s no excuse to piss off early and just show this again at 13.00.

08.35 Postman Pat

14.55 The Phil Silvers Show
In fact, the whole of BBC2 seems to have gone to the pub and flung the tapes on.


09.00 Bewitched

21.00 Father Ted
Great though this show is, repeating each episode a thousand times is perhaps slowly making the general public sick of the sight of it, C4. Still, the Song for Europe episode is still brilliant.

01.50 Crystal Voyager
Surfing movie from what the TVT defines as “the late, lamented seventies”. Assorted Californians fall in the water to the soundtrack of Pink Floyd’s “Bleedin’ Echoes”. Well, that’s what we’ve always heard it referred to as. Note to self – stop hanging round John Lydon’s house.


06.30 Dappledown Farm

11.00 TJ Hooker

15.50 The Marseille Contract
Anthony Quinn gets old mucker Michael Caine to shoot James Mason. We’ve never even heard of it, but the TVT describes it as “largely routine”. Mind you, they introduce today’s comedy quiz Does Doug Know? with the line “For viewers still miffed at the demise of The 11 O’Clock Show…” so we can’t be sure how on-the-ball that review is.

02.25 The Picasso Summer
How bad is BBC4 shaping up to be? On the evidence of Surrealissmo, probably the worst, most self-satisfied and misguided piece of television so far this year, very bad indeed. Here Albert Finney has an affair in the randy cubist’s old gaffe, accompanied by lots of lingering landscape shots and old Pablo paintings filmed through a prism lens. Very Channel 5. Bee “are you saying ‘Ni!’ to that old woman?” Duffell and Graham “everybody needs a place to whimiscally muck about with two cranes” Stark participate.

04.00 Sons and Daughters
Russell Grant’s Postcards is all the culture we need.

We got the channel names right first time.

Sunday, 22.15, Friday, 23.15
Shooting Stars – So that’ll be the series over then, will it? Some more repeats instead, but then, this is the channel that’s showing Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps repeats when BBC2 are doing that as well. Do you think they’d actually scheduled a new series of that, but it fell through at the last minute?

Tuesday, Wednesday, 19.00, 00.40
Reputations – Boooooooring! That’s the official TVC verdict on BBC4, although we are highlighting this two-part documentary on Richard Nixon in case we’ve got some clips of The Frost Interviews or something. Oh, and we liked the chat with Roly Keating on, especially the way he completely ignored every single complaint about the on-screen logo, which is correct, because only about 0.0000000001% of the population actually gives a toss about them. You’re wasting your breath!

Sunday, 23.00, 01.30, Monday, 23.45, 03.25
Meet R*cky G*rv**s – We preferred it when everyone in the world hated R*cky G*rv**s, because he’s without a doubt the second most charmless person ever to appear on television (the first, Daisy Donovan, is back on telly on Friday, worse luck) so it’s three cheers to E4 for rescreening his awful, awful chat show to remind everyone he has absolutely no talent. At least, we hope that’s the intention.

Friday, 22.00, 01.30
Top Ten Easy Listening – This was on C4 the other week, so we’ll point out again it’s Ian McShane doing the narration to stop you going “Ooh, who the hell is that?” all the way through the programme.

Saturday, 14.00
Sorry! – This sitcom has Creamguide’s official favourite theme tune ever, and also the most baffling title sequence of all time, so make sure you tune in. You can switch off straight afterwards, because it is a bit annoying.

Saturday, 18.30
The Les Dawson Show – Can’t be too long until we get the episode with the candle routine (“I can’t do it!”) because you can’t show clips of Les without including it. It’s the law!

Sunday, 23.30
The Comedians – We liked the story about Eddie Large on BBCi this week – 852044.stm – because a) it includes a textbook “pointing” publicity still, and b) it makes reference to ‘his “cheeky” humour’. Surely that should be ‘his cheeky “humour”‘?

Saturday, 18.30, Sunday, 20.50
The World Cup Years – God knows what this channel will do in the close season, as here’s two more repeats of the highlights of 1986. In fact, it might be slightly better when it doesn’t feature any live sport.

Monday-Thursday, 23.00
The Frank Skinner Show – We’re sure this series has been on at least once this year, and it’s only March. Dale Winton on Monday, including clips from Petwatch, and a flaming Anthea Turner and Martin Kemp talking about joining Melchester Rovers on Thursday.
All times correct at time of writing and refer to England except where stated. All programmes subject to cancellation, and ITV’s dreadful timekeeping. Can anyone from ITV explain it’s inability to tell the time?
Those wondering why the global recession didn’t seem to have the effect that was predicted in British companies over the last six months are missing the obvious reason – Ask The Family, the TV Cream Message Board, has been out of action and everybody’s had to do work instead of spending all day talking about programmes with aspidistras and comedians who used to go “slither… spook!” But now – it’s back! A new look Ask The Family is now ready and waiting for your comments, questions and observations, and once more it includes a direct link to us here in the Creamguide Office, so if you have any ideas that we can nick, stick them in our in-tray. So what are you waiting for? You can do that paperwork later on. Get thee to and cliick on the Long Shots button. And while you’re there, subscribe to the TV Cream Update, for God’s sake. How many times have we got to tell you?
They’ve got good great memories – Pete Fenelon, Chris Hughes, Ian Jones, Simon Tyers



  1. Glenn Aylett

    March 9, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    I used to like David Baddiel in The Mary Whitehouse Experience( a very underrated sketch show and hilarious in its day), but the New Lad/ Fantasy Football League thing with Frank Skinner left me cold as he seemed to try too hard to be some football loving New Lad and it looked a bit faked in places. Mind you, the income from Three Lions must have been useful as DB hasn’t been seen much in recent years.

    • THX 1139

      March 10, 2022 at 12:28 pm

      Mr Baddiel has been doing excellent documentaries for the BBC (TV and radio) recently, as well as the books.

  2. Richardpd

    March 9, 2022 at 10:05 pm

    I’ve liked most things David Baddiel has done over the years.

    In recent years he’s been writing books from what I remember.

  3. THX 1139

    March 10, 2022 at 12:32 pm

    Wait a sec – Jan Ravens did the voice of the Caramel bunny? What has Miriam Margolyes been going on about all these years, then?

    David Soul was all over the place about 20 years ago, and so was Antonio Fargas too, now you mention it, but they’ve both vanished from our screens now. Jerry Springer The Opera seemed to leave Dave spent.

    • Richardpd

      March 10, 2022 at 10:20 pm

      David Soul, Antonio Fargas & Paul Michael Glaser were all at Liverpool Comic Con a few years ago.

    • Glenn Aylett

      March 11, 2022 at 7:47 pm

      @ THX 1139, everyone thinks of David Soul as Hutch in Starksy and Hutch, but I much prefer him in Salem’s Lot and as one of the killer cops in Magnum Force, the most interesting of the five Dirty Harry films.

      • THX 1139

        March 12, 2022 at 9:11 am

        Silver Lady!

    • Applemask

      March 12, 2022 at 7:36 pm

      Eventually, Miriam had real work to do.

  4. Glenn Aylett

    March 13, 2022 at 1:29 pm

    Gloria Hunniford seemed to get around the channels, particularly after she left Radio 2. In 2002 she had a chat show on Channel 5, which I’d completely forgotten about, before in later years becoming a Loose Woman on ITV and presenting Rip Off Britain on BBC One. However, her finest show was way back in the eighties with the LWT answer to Telly Addicts, We Love TV.

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