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Some big news for Dr Who fans, then…

TV Cream’s very own Steve Berry (probably still best known for his face-on-a-time-tunnel-avatar which wowed the internet in 2006, plus his super TV Cream Toys book) has now launched his long anticipated and already heavily plugged (“Do you know a famous person who…?”) Dr Who charity book – Behind The Sofa. Yup, it’s now available for pre-order at

With all profits going to Alzheimer’s Research UK and brilliant illustrations provided by Doctor Who Magazine’s Ben Morris, it features over 100 celebrity memories of the children’s own programme that adults adore. Celebs featured include: Bill Oddie, Charlie Brooker, Charlie Higson, Chris Tarrant, Gary Russell, Jonathan Ross, Julian Glover, Konnie Huq, Lynda ‘If Barbara Knox’ Bellingham, Michael Grade, Nicholas Parsons and – holy shit! – Roland Rat.

Sadly, Boyd Hilton is in it too. But off-set by Wincey Willis.

So, pre-order your copy today at, that URL again,

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