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TV Cream’s World Cup theme

Well, here’s the finished thing, performed by assorted contributors including a Zulu choir, the TV Cream Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, and a Boorish Group of Football Supporters.

It contains most of the suggestions left by TVC readers, the one missing ingredient being a bit that slows down then speeds up again. Which was too difficult. But it does feature:

– Tribal chanting
– Tribal drums
– A football crowd cheering
– A referee blowing a whistle
– Clippage of commentators roaring
– A bubbly bassline like the one off Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
– A tin whistle like the one off You Can Call Me Al
– A bit for viewers to sing along with at home
– And a bit for viewers to clap along with at home

…which hopefully will suffice.

Imagine then, if you will, a BBC continuity announcer stepping up to the microphone and saying:

“So now on BBC1, live and uninterrupted, we join Gary Lineker in South Africa for the opening match of World Cup 2010!”

And cue this:


You can, should you wish, download it here.

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