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"Globe-y to the new born king!"Here is the news: It’s Christmas… next month.

Every year, TV Cream has celebrated by unveiling yet another slew (or – ho ho – Santa’s sleigh) of suitably festively-augmented TVC banners. We’re keen to do the same again this year, but much as we did a couple of weeks back, we’d like you to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the actual creation of said banners.

So here’s the brief. Please design for us a nice graphic for the head of the site, which reflects either this time of the year, or one of the classic staples of festive telly. To get you started, we’ve placed a PSD file containing an unmolested TVC logo here. Download that, tinsel-it up, then shove it down our chimney at

Let’s make it the best Christmas (logo) ever!

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