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“I impress young women with the theme to Button Moon”

That would bowl a maiden over!

It’s a Sunday night, so time for another excerpt from the big buff-coloured folder entitled ‘TV Cream Failed Pet Projects’.

This one hails from 2007, when we were getting excited about 10 years of TV Cream, and formulating plans for a special ‘Decannual’ (we just made that up!) to celebrate a glorious decade of easy, uncritical nostalgia. In the event, we got too distracted with just chanting “10 more years!” a lot, and never progressed beyond what you’re about to see here (oh, and a half-finished page detailing Colin Baker’s cameo on TOP GEAR).

So, here it is, an interview we did with Dr Who Peter DaviDson circa 2006 (we think), written up – cos we thought it was grabbier – as a first-person piece. Apologies for the main serif font, by the way. Dunno what we were thinking.

You know the drill, click on the images below to see each spread in their full glory. Or, if you can’t read it in our fancy pop-up, right-click on the text links.

Pages 1 to 2Take Five - pages 1 to 2

Pages 3 to 4

Take Five - pages 3 to 4

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