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Sport On Two

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SATURDAY afternoon sporting concoction of football, county cricket and the 3.15 from Chepstow, maintained throughout the eighties under the steady hand of Renton Laidlaw, golf correspondent of the Evening Standard, no less. Summer Sunday editions arrived in 1985 with Stuart Hall complementing your Sunday Grandstand fare of motorcycling and local tennis tournaments and never-that-smooth segueing between the last chorus of I Know Him So Well and the John Player League scoreboard. One of the finest Radio 2 themes of the lot, too, in that classic ‘jazzy march with too many piccolos’ seventies sports theme mould.

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Quiz Night

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ONE-TIME NORTH WEST-ONLY, then nationwide, shamblathon hosted by the mighty STUART HALL (in contractual obligation mode). Supposedly like a pub quiz, but with all the fun removed, it featured two teams of pub blokes, very similar to MASTERTEAM, even down to having “hilarious” team names, eg “The Middleford Munchers”. Half-an-hour of the usual average-intelligence questions, with no “In A Spin”-style shenanighans to divert attention from its blandness. Studio was just like a pub; Hall was the “landlord”, see, and his desk had beer pump handles on it, like a real pub.

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Quiz Ball

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INSANELY COMPLICATED parlour game panel joust, ostensibly resembling a knock-out tournament but forever sagging under the weight of one too many rules and too too many outbursts from host STUART HALL. Each week two professional football teams, composed of players, management and “celebrity supporters”, answered questions in order to move across an electronic scoreboard designed like a pitch, but not in a sensible way from end to end but in any manner of means involving “long ball” questions, passes, penalties, goal kicks and whatever else dreamt up on the spot by Hall, DAVID “THE GUV’NOR” VINE or BARRY DAVIES. “Internationals” were also staged, but only involving the home nations. Ultimately became too incomprehensible, or Hall’s head burst, or nobody bothered turning up, and got axed.

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It’s A Knockout/Jeux Sans Frontiers

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WELL-DOCUMENTED BUT far from well-heeled national and pan-European pantomime Olympics, promoting cross-continental integration through the dignified pursuit of citizens in oversized giant-headed frog costumes, the exchange of blows with massive fuck-off foam mallets on greasy poles above paddling pools, and the embarking upon the carrying-of-green-water-in-a-tarpaulin-to-measuring-jug assault course. UK incarnation pitted plucky provincial batteries of squared-jawed blokes and tottering big-haired women against each other in muddy fields adjacent to Notable Local Architecture. STUART HALL was ringmaster, chiefly required to laugh endlessly at stupid 70s people slipping up in acres of 70s mud. Aided and abetted, far from ably, by EDDIE WARING while ARTHUR ELLIS, an ex-referee, kept score, logically. Teams could play “joker” – giant-sized (wasn’t everything?) card brandished from out of nowhere – to double points in any one game. Tenuous theme usually linked proceedings, tenuously linked in with surrondings and tenuous celebrity guestage. European league – JEUX SANS FRONTIERS – found “plucky Brits” battling for the pride of the nation against “ruthlessly efficient” Germans, “romantically careless” Italians, “cunning” French, “unpredictable” Spanish, “frustratingly enigmatic” Swiss, “unknown” Belgians etc.

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Sweet and Sour

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HISTORIANS OF punk rock remain blissfully unaware of the hapless BILL GRUNDY’s twilight career on regional TV, here playing the “sour” in this pre-Grade space-filler in the 10.15pm spot on Friday nights. The ultimate cheapo conceit, it consisted of a weekly face-off in the studio wherein “sweet” STUART HALL would spout bollocks on any subject that came into his head in his usual fashion before the baton was passed to lugubrious GRUNDY for a sober (not a word normally associated with him) putdown. Occasionally it worked the other way – Grundy liked dogs while Hall complained about crap on his lawn. Limited, perhaps wisely, to viewers only in the North West.

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