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Poll to Poll with TV Cream: 1979

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It’s the second of TV Cream’s election-themed weekly podcasts, and we’ve moved forward 15 years to 1979.

Change is afoot, both in the corridors of power and Television Centre. Familiar faces are taking their leave and new faces are settling in for the next decade. And is that Richard Stilgoe’s piano being wheeled into the BBC election studio?

Alongside a look at how the Beeb covered the result on air, this podcast also:

– prays for a moment of hush amidst the hurly-burly of 1979’s party political broadcasts;

– considers what Not The Nine O’clock News news was almost not;

– hears from Dr David Butler who shares his memories of the 1979 election;

–  continues to compile an inventory of TV Election Essentials, this week concentrating on whimsy;

– and extends a welcome to planet girth for Cyril Smith.

As usual, there are three ways to hear the podcast:

You can download it from TV Cream (a Cyril-sized 77MB); you can subscribe to it via iTunes; or you can listen to it right here:


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TV Cream’s Advent Calendar Door 17: Now, Which One Is The Dancing Queen?

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MAKING HIS second appearance in TV Cream’s festive almanac, here’s MIKE YARWOOD greeting imperial phase ABBA for a Generation Game sketch from his 1978 Christmas show.

Of course, it would have been loads better if it had been the real LARRY GRAYSON doing the business with Agnetha and the rest, but despite Mike’s rather hopeless approximation of Lal (and that pointless re-recording of the ‘here to play!’ theme), it’s still brilliant fun.

In fact, it was an ABBA Christmas on the BBC that year, as they also pitched up to grant a festive Fix-It for SIR JIM’LL and even found time to record a seasonal greeting for NOEL.

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TV Cream’s Advent Calendar Door 9: Entertainment For Holiday Monday On BBC1!

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“AND THIS is me!” Brace yourself, here’s the last few minutes of MIKE YARWOOD’s Christmas special from 1981, followed by a BBC1 trailer for a brilliant Holiday Monday line-up of Grange Hill, K9 and Company, Terry and June (“Not grandad’s paint stripper again?”), Battle Of Midway, Val Sings Bing and Only Fools and Horses (with original theme tune and Brady Bunch graphics), then it’s into the British television premiere of Gone With The Wind, spread over two nights, to borrow a phrase from Clive James, like a small golf tournament.

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