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Christmas Party, The

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Mere seconds away from grabbing that Christmas Tree and pretending it's a guitarBASED ON THE MISGUIDED THEORY that, if you were alone on Christmas Day, listening to a tape of Mike Read giving DLT a box of pipecleaners would somehow make you feel better; however, seething inter-DJ loathing was never far from the surface, and ultimately the only saving grace of the whole debacle. Also notable for dominance by the ‘Welly Boot’ mafia, with the more specialist presenters – normally contractually forced to attend – paid the merest of lip service; John Peel recalled being asked “you’ve got a family – how will you be spending Christmas?” every single year. Eventually began to buckle under the changing nature of the network, leading to an inexplicable last-ditch bid was made to save it by having the meal ‘at’ Grey Gables, during the darkest hours of The Archers when they’d do anything to get a few column inches, so not only did everyone have to pretend to like Simon Bates, but also pretend they were in a restaurant run by Jack Woolley. Who isn’t real. The other side of this link up saw John Peel – supposedly at school with Robin Snell – visiting the village (strangely, the rest of the DJs never made it down to The Bull) and sounding like a particualy poor impression of himself. Before you could say ‘Quack Quack Oops’, we had the likes of Take That presenting the pre-recorded festivities instead.

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TV Cream’s Advent Calendar Door 19: From All The Guys And Gals, The Merriest Of All, Yeah!

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IT’S THE finale of the 1981 Christmas Day Top Of The Pops, and the Right Honourable SIR JIM’LL SAVILE is here to conduct his 275 and 285 troops in a high-kicking, two-tier rendition of All You Need Is Love.

The star-encrusted roll call includes MIKE READ, STEVE WRIGHT, TONY BLACKBURN, DAVID ‘KID’ JENSEN, PETER POWELL, PAUL BURNETT, RICHARD SKINNER, PAUL GAMBACCINI, ANDY PEEBLES and DLT in a car coat, plus the cast of thousands that was FLICK COLBY’s ZOO and, making a brief cameo appearance, the sainted CLARE GROGAN.

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TV Cream’s Advent Calendar Door 14: So At The End Of Round One, It’s Spandau Ballet 6, Duran Duran 8

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IT’S CHRISTMAS 1984 and Radio 1 breakfast DJ MIKE READ turns UN peace envoy to end the pop Cold War once and for all, bringing together the massed forces of DURAN DURAN and SPANDAU BALLET for a special edition of Pop Quiz, featuring both bands budged up behind the desks.

Look away now if you don’t want to know the result, but Duran Duran won, largely because they cheated like mad. But at least MARTIN KEMP and STEVE NORMAN got to help Melchester Rovers reach the Milk Cup final not long afterwards, which must have come as some consolation.

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READ, Mike

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mikereadDARK-GLASSED frustrated musician who regularly serenaded his breakfast listeners or Roadshow crowd with a quick strum through Alice’s Restaurant, before running through the day’s listening on Radio 1 by doing bad impressions of all the jocks. Most famous for banning Frankie’s Relax, although largely self-perpetuated claims that Reid’s censorship helped the already-at-number-six waxing become a hit are urban myth, inventor of the distinctly Our Tuneish ‘First Love’ slot, forever wittering about playing tennis with Cliff, or about Dan Dare (as a result of which he briefly had a column in the relaunched eighties Eagle comic), became a millionaire through Curiosity Beret Bloke-endorsed Pop Quiz board game, had his own band (Mike Read and the Rockolas!) and released a single extolling the virtues of living in a high rise tower block to the tune of his “Mike Read! Mike Read! 275 and 285!” jingle (“me neigbours are bangin’ on the wall again!”) – as later replaced by Mari Wilson going “Mike Read, just what I’ve always… want-ed!” – and after a truly staggering amount of TV Work came to dominate saw out his final months on Ver 1 fronting a bizarre show in which he reunited listeners with long-lost copies of the 12″ of Robert Wyatt’s Shipbuilding. Trademark tartan suit somehow still audible on the radio, and he never, ever passed up the slightest opportunity to get out his guitar.

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Roadshow, The

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“TODAY, live from Morecambe Pleasure Beach, with Miiiiiiiike Reeeeead!”. Resilient summer fixture, kickstarted by Fluff in the summer of 1973, in which a bunch of massive trucks visit various old-skool seaside towns – Minehead, Scarborough, Rhyl and so forth – with jock in tow to arse about between records. Audience participation most infamously included Bits And Pieces, in which four punters plucked out of the crowd had to identify as many Mel and Kim middle eights played in quick succession as possible, winners of these ordeals receiving a Radio One Goody Bag – Radio 1 mug, Radio 1 car sticker, Radio 1 pen, Radio 1 iron-on denim patch, Radio 1 ‘bug’ and Radio 1 car sunstrip, reading The Happy Sound of Motoring on 275/285, as seen on many a Mark IV Cortina estate well into the early nineties. Unsurprisingly, Steve Wright soon elevated to King Roadshows, with his gallery of hilarious comic characters. Smiley Miley, supposed driver and ‘chirpy’ second banana to the main jock, told everyone how far they’d driven, and handed out yet more Radio 1 tat. Then, come dusk, the trucks weighed anchor and trundled off to another provincial resort.

Most famous instance undoubtedly The Radio One Fun Day at Mallory Park; Bay City Rollers on an island in the middle of a lake, with various pre-pubescent tartan terrors wading towards them before fainting and being rescued by members of the BBC scuba-diving club, Tony Blackburn zooming around the lake in a speedboat being driven by someone in a Womble outfit, Noel Edmonds probably screeching around in an Escort Mexico. And not forgetting those typically-crazed ‘themed ideas’ for special shows – key examples include Ticket To Ryde (broadcasting live from the ferry to the Isle of Wight); Three Men In A Boat (Edmonds, Read and Gambaccini broadcasting live from, erm, a boat); In The Country – (Read doing his breakfast show from ‘the countryside’, largely because Read-endorsed 80s chancers The Farmer’s Boys had done a cover of Cliff’s In The Country).

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Saturday Superstore

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NO BREAKDANCERS or bodypoppers, please.

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Pop Quiz

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DUNUNUNUNUNUH-DUH NUH! “POP QUIZ!!!” A crisply bouffoned MIKE READ hunkered down behind a giant desk of a Saturday teatime to host this steady-as-she-goes bland panel game ‘twixt two teams of mini-celebs of the day, e.g. Fish, bloke off Red Box, maybe Noddy Holder, perhaps a rogue member of Bananarama. Missing lyrics, video clips, backwards songs etc. Perfect for eating your tea to.

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