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"Oops - butterfingers! The boss won't be pleased about that come Monday morning!" "But what about affirming the power of reason and the vagaries of the human will?" "Fuck that - let's beat the bastard to death with rocks"

SUPERBUG RAVAGES the planet leaving nothing but thick-set hairy hobbledehoys in its wake. Counterfactual hokum from back when the idea of an out-of-control, unbeatable virus demolishing everything in its path wasn’t ubiquitous fodder for the Daily Express. TERRY NATION invented it after realising he’d never get any money for claiming he’d created the Daleks (it was Davros, everyone knows that). CAROLYN SEYMOUR and IAN MCCULLOCH were two of the titular old-timers, eating worms, building fires and arguing about free will. Encompassed, unbelievably, three series and appearances by PETER DUNCAN.

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RAGGED STUDIO-BOUND videotape romp through the turn of the century life of the titular royal-bedding ragamuffin, played by a bony-cheeked bonny FRANCESCA ANNIS, who bribes, blags and bonks her way through 13 episodes and 60-odd years. A huge supporting cast do their best to get up her nose and under her skirt, including DON FELLOWS, PETER EGAN, DENIS LILL, PATRICK RYECART and DAVID GWILLIM, while back home ANTON RODGERS, ANTHONY HEAD and PEGGY ANN WOOD tut disapprovingly.

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