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Steptoe And Son

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A rare successful sitcom spin-off produced under the aegis of the great Nat Cohen. Harold (Harry H Corbett) marries a girl recognised by dad Albert (Wilfrid Brambell) as being dead common. Albert knows this, of course, because he’s as common as own brand muck. Nevertheless, the marriage goes ahead between Harold and Zita (Carolyn Seymour) leading scriptwriters Ray Galton and Alan Simpson (also responsible for the telly series) to dance in the jaws of the relocation trap by sending the cast to Spain for the honeymoon. This time the production merely tickles the tonsils of disaster, and escapes unharmed by the halitosis of mediocrity. The result is both funny and touching, not an easy combination to achieve in any genre, let alone a sitcom transfer.

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"Oops - butterfingers! The boss won't be pleased about that come Monday morning!" "But what about affirming the power of reason and the vagaries of the human will?" "Fuck that - let's beat the bastard to death with rocks"

SUPERBUG RAVAGES the planet leaving nothing but thick-set hairy hobbledehoys in its wake. Counterfactual hokum from back when the idea of an out-of-control, unbeatable virus demolishing everything in its path wasn’t ubiquitous fodder for the Daily Express. TERRY NATION invented it after realising he’d never get any money for claiming he’d created the Daleks (it was Davros, everyone knows that). CAROLYN SEYMOUR and IAN MCCULLOCH were two of the titular old-timers, eating worms, building fires and arguing about free will. Encompassed, unbelievably, three series and appearances by PETER DUNCAN.

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