“A nudge and a wink and a cheeky cheerful song!”

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From 1986, Mel and Griff (and Daniel Peacock) lay waste to 70% of ’80s advertising at a stroke. We especially love Griff’s mugging at 1:08.

“We’ll maximise your market share in 30 seconds flat, impersonating chickens and behaving like a twat!”

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2 responses to ““A nudge and a wink and a cheeky cheerful song!””

  1. Droogie says:

    Genius topical parody from the 80’s . Putting the boot into Kwik-Fit, British Beef, Do It All and Hofmeister beer ads in one fell swoop. Smith and Jones are criminally underrated in the history of British comedy IMHO

  2. Scott says:

    And of course, Daniel Peacock was one of the “twats” on the “why do do it all do it, what they do it for, won’t somebody tell” ads, mercilessly biting the hand that feeds him.

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