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1978 to 1992

Shoehorned in like one of his own references to interviewing John Lennon.ANOTHER ‘just the music’ man, on the early eighties morning show which included gardening tips from Alan Titchmarsh, before manning the smooth Vandross-heavy soul-lite shift for donkey’s years, as well as a Friday night sports show. Famously declares to all and sundry that he was the last person ever to interview John Lennon. Whether you ask him or not.

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6 responses to “PEEBLES, Andy”

  1. Glenn A says:

    Football was unfashionable in the mid eighties, soul music wasn’t what most people wanted on a Friday night, could this be the most unlucky radio show ever. It would be a bit like Bob Harris presenting prog rock and cricket features in the mid nineties. However, I would have probably liked that.

  2. Richard Davies says:

    He had (& might still have) a show on Smooth Radio called Soul & Soccer on Saturday afternoons.

  3. John says:

    I’ll never forgive him for playing a record about 29 years ago on a saturday show he did by Terry Reid. He described Reid as “the popular Terry Reid”. But Terry Reid was not popular! His current album hadn’t even made the Top 100!

    I can never forgive – I can never forget!!!

  4. John says:

    Actually hang on – it might’ve been Richard Skinner..

  5. Glenn A says:

    Now before the latest one from Luther Vandross, I have Kevin Keegan on the line to discuss Newcastle’s game tomorrow. Quite a strange mix, football and soul music, and I suppose fair play to Peebles for helping the music through a bit of a rough patch in the early to mid eighties and also football was going through a nightmare period where hooliganism and falling attendances meant it was totally unhip.

  6. BungoBilly says:

    As well as football chat, Peebles was also a cricket commentator on Sunday afternoons, I think on the old Radio 5. He always seemed to be covering Lancashire’s Sunday League games at Old Trafford.

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