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BBC2Winterwatch 1963 – The Big Freeze
Saturday, 17.30, BBC2

This weekend appears to be all about snowmageddon, despite the fact the Creamguide Office has been enjoying flurries all week and on Monday it took us an hour and a quarter to drive four miles. But it’s not in the South East, so nobody cares about that. It does seem to be the case that it snows more often these days and it’s far worse when it does, but we wonder if that’s because when we were young we didn’t have to heat a house, drive a car or go to work in it. In any case we shouldn’t really be surprised at wintry weather in the winter, and it will probably never top the notoriously freezing winter of 1963 when rivers froze over and no football was played for about three months. Here’s a documentary about it from the time, presented by the reassuring Cliff Michelmore, and then after it Chris Packham ponders what would happen if we had a repeat.

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