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BBC4Top of the Pops
Thursday, 19.30, BBC4

Hooray! Not sure why the resumption of this repeat run made the news this week when it was already billed – there’s no late night screening but it’s only half an hour anyway – but in any case however much soul-searching went on, we’re continuing the repeat run into a third year and that’s great news. Despite our misgivings about Lulu from Legs and Co’s hair. Indeed as the rather good clip show proved last week, it’s a fascinating year for music we’ve got ahead of us and though there’s clearly plenty of rubbish around, the arrival of new wave means that we’re more or less guaranteed something really great on every single show. That’s certainly the case here, with a slightly less manic Peter Powell in charge and, alongside a very memorable performance by someone unused to this kind of thing, we also have the first knockings of power pop, surely the shortest lived genre of the decade.

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