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BBC Radio 4Where Did All The Comrades Go?
Monday, 11.00, BBC Radio 4

Along with the smoking, natch, one of the most eye-opening things about watching old elections on BBC Parliament is the amount of Communists standing, especially in Scotland where they were such a political force they were on all the Swingometers and that, like a seventies UKIP (albeit with slightly different policies). They called it a day in 1991 when they decided the wind perhaps wasn’t blowing in that direction anymore, but this documentary will look at their legacy, including how Marxism continued to play a role in mainstream politics.

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  1. In the late 1990s an American friend of mine was researching recent history in Glasgow and was amazed by the number of communists he met in teh city.

    I remember the Communist Party of Great Britain disbanded in 1990 and Democratic Left was born from its ashes. Now it seems the CPGB’s back. i wonder if the process has reversed, or if it’s a different institution?

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