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BBC4The Sky at Night
Sunday, 19.00, BBC4

Time for a proper tribute to Patrick Moore in the shape of this evening, starting off with three examples from across the years of what must surely be the last example of the hobby programme on television. First it’s an episode from 1975 which doesn’t appear to be anything special but is presumably one of the earliest that still exists. The second is the 25th anniversary edition from 1982 which examines where they’d gone from day one and ponders what might happen 25 years hence, and finally an edition from 2009 which illustrates Patrick’s legacy as he’s joined by a team of regulars, all of whom were clearly inspired by watching the previous two shows. Then it’s your chance to record the obituary that went out on the night he died, followed by an interview which, though it’s from 2007, is billed as new here, so maybe it was never broadcast.

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  1. I saw the last programme he recorded before his death, which ended with a compilation of him signing off over the years. It was magical.

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