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Mike and Angelo
Sunday, 09.25, CITV

Another iffy start for another entertaining day of archvery, today’s highlights including Rainbow at 10.30, Button Moon at 10.50, Dangermouse at 11.35, Sooty at 12.00, Knightmare at 14.00, Fraggle Rock at 16.30, Dramarama at 16.00, Press Gang at 16.30 and Children’s Ward at 17.30. Everyone will presumably have their own ideas about what should have been included – we’d have gone for Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It and Round The Bend, which will probably have stood up better and have been of more appeal to the potential audience than some of what’s being shown – but you can’t fault them for ambition and we hope CBBC do the same thing in two and a half years’ time.

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