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CBBC12 Again
Friday, 17.00, CBBC

We’re billing this series again because it continues to surprise us, not least in last week’s Halloween Special when top Creamer Ed Petrie announced his most memorable bit of spooky telly was only bloody Ghostwatch – and they showed a load of clips from it! Wow! Let’s hope it put the willies up today’s kids just as much as it did those of a generation ago. We love hearing Cream-era stuff being explained to an audience of baffled kids so let’s hope this series runs and runs.

3 responses to “PICK OF THE DAY”

  1. Richard Davies says:

    I’ve occasionally caught this I it’s brought back the memories, especially when it featured 1990, the year I was 12.

  2. Neu75 says:

    Ghostwatch is Cream-era?

    That was 1992. I thought the nineties were verboten. Definitely in the Kuiper Belt of the Cream era at least.

    Or has there been a slight realignment in veiw of the passing of time, after all GW was 20 years ago….?

  3. Richard Davies says:

    The site seems to cover things up to the mid 1990s at least.

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