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BBC4Top of the Pops
Thursday, 19.30, 01.05, BBC4

If you didn’t know they were showing these in order you’d think the DLT episode was chosen entirely to stitch him up while the papers are sniffing around the antics celebs got up to in the seventies. Never mind that, though, we enjoyed Leo Sayer inventing that bit in Seinfeld where Jerry goes to the seaside to make an important decision (we like how they didn’t get the vagrants to move) and the lead singer from Stardust’s inability to defy gravity meaning you could hear him land back on the floor with a thud a fraction of a second before the chorus began. Noel tonight with The Steve Gibbons Band already with a new single five seconds after the last one, but it won’t be on as much as it was a massive flop.

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