Bring him back now, we won’t take less!

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"Bring him back now we won't take less!"

A cold, wet nightFollowing our major Dr Who scoop yesterday, and the galactic unveiling of the brand new ‘Doctor in Distress 2011′ record, TV Cream can now bring you a first look at the cover art.

Click on the image on the left for a full-sized reproduction of Lizo and pals, singing up a storm!

And, remember, you can listen to ‘Doctor in Distress 2011’ right now, either by downloading it from here on TV Cream, or simply pressing the play button below.


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4 responses to “Bring him back now, we won’t take less!”

  1. Applemask says:

    It’s better than the original. The melody almost sounds like a real song.

  2. James says:

    Fantastic vocals from Nev on the “No no no no No!” there.

  3. colinjohn says:

    never thought something so dire could ever be improved upon. well done guys :o)

  4. Oh god, the surprise appearance of the Colin Dalek is brilliant.

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