Dr Who Mid-Series Finale Jamboree-Thing

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Because you demanded it – or certainly didn’t stipulate we shouldn’t – here’s the obligatory TV Cream Dr Who mash-up video to celebrate the series’ mid-series finale on Saturday.

We kind of lost faith by the time we got to the Viglen interlude, to be honest, but it does pick up again a little bit from there…

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4 responses to “Dr Who Mid-Series Finale Jamboree-Thing”

  1. tellycabbage says:

    TV Cream…

    Are you alright or do you need to lie down in a darkened room?

    Though it did raise a chuckle at the titles…

  2. Palitoy says:

    Affectionate urine extraction of the best kind. I think I understood…

  3. Andy Elms says:

    Good work with the Ian Levine clip. I really should have seen that coming.

  4. Aloysius Barnett says:

    The video does not exist – any chance of uploading it again? Would like to see it. Cheers.

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