10 Moments from Doctor Who Scarier than The Silence

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Just in case you thought The Silence, from last Saturday’s episode, were as scary as it gets.

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7 responses to “10 Moments from Doctor Who Scarier than The Silence”

  1. Tony Hughes says:

    Guys – absolutely no idea what most of that was about. Enjoyable nonetheless.

  2. John Rivers says:

    Brilliant! The Colin and Nicola footage was just WRONG.

  3. jozman says:

    Goodness me, those clips of Nicola and Colin – where did they come from? An actual show? Or a weird imagination?

  4. Dashboxer says:

    Fantastic. Always good to see Videogaiden. Better than the current series of Burnistoun…

  5. Palitoy says:

    The C. Baker and Bryant heavy petting was from ‘The Stranger’ sell thru videos, no? Plus, the scariest ‘Doctor Who Years’ compilation video link has to be on Pertwee’s “Inferno… episode 7!” (turn to monitor with tonge-in-bottom-lip pervy face.)

  6. TV Cream says:

    Okay, here is where all the clips come from…
    1) Colin Baker ‘does’ Nichola Bryant comes from the 1993 BBV video The Airzone Solution. This was our consolation prize when a BBC produced 30th birthday Dr Who story fell through. Colin played a weatherman, and it’s also notable for featuring Sylvester McCoy saying “shit”.
    2) Also from 1993, this Ian Levine snippet comes from a five minute documentary about missing episodes (Missing In Action) which, if we recall, accompanied a screening of Planet of the Daleks part two, to explain why that episode only existed in black and white. Shown on BBC1 in England, BBC2 in Scotland, fact fans.
    3) “Is this the planet Shepherd’s Bush?” From 25th August 1986, El Tel mixes it with a Mandrel on an episode of Wogan flagging up the return of Dr Who (in two weeks time, so not that timely) after the ‘hiatus’. Colin Baker and Lynda Bellingham were the guests. Terry, sadly, neglected to ask her, “If Barbara Knox, why is Lynda Bellingham?”
    4) February 2001, and Tom Baker goes on QVC to flog David J Howe’s Transcendental Toybox book (among other things) which the QVC host simply refers to as the “Toybox book”.
    5) Colin Baker pops up on BBC Scotland’s computer games show Videogaiden in December 2006. We could have also picked the time he appeared on Top Gear. But we didn’t.
    6) Tomorrow’s World goes behind the scenes of 1993′s 3D Children In Need special Dimensions in Time and meets John Nathan Turner. 1993 was a good year.
    7) From 1991, a horrific title sequence, coupled with the horrific ‘Latin’ version of the DW theme – both from the VHS The Colin Baker Years. We must stress, we have nothing against Colin – we think he’s great.
    8) Jon P’twee plays a Spanish pimp in 1992′s never-more-so-nineties drama Virtual Murder.
    9) Back to The Airzone Solution again, for another Baker-Bryant bout of bawdiness.
    10) And finally, Rupert Booth ‘stars’ (our inverted commas) in one of a series of fan-produced videos from the 1990s. This one was called Regenesis. No disrespect, but Booth is truly annoying.

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