RIP 2010

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A salute to a few TV Cream heroes (and one villain) who died this year.


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  1. fl3m says:

    Can somebody post the artist / track title please?

  2. Calnert says:

    Can’t Trust The Waves – Kitchens Of Distinction. :o)

  3. Gavin says:

    Who’s the Villain?

  4. Gavin says:

    Just Discovered on your Twitter page-It was Cyril Smith.

  5. Vodyanov says:

    News of Lionel Jeffries’ death at the time stopped me still in the livingroom for one moment as I just let it sink in that he was a complete one-off, never to be replaced.
    Some omissions: Gerard Kelly, stalwart Scottish comic actor (‘Scotch n Wry’, ‘City Lights’, ‘The Comic Strip Presents: More Bad News’) Rue Mclanahan (stalwart of New-Cream-Era cross-gen-er ‘the Golden Girls’) and Ari Upp – Dad/brother/Sister confusing Top of the Pop-ster and lead singer of ‘The Slits’.
    May they ever be repeated.

  6. Vodyanov says:

    … news of Bobby Farrell – surely a demigod in the seventies UK TV pantheon – told that he passed away in Russia last night.

  7. Mags says:

    Shocking lack of Gerard Kelly. The amount of creamy stuff he was in, surely he deserves some recognition.

  8. lump516 says:

    Thanks for including Leslie Nielsen in your tribute — POLICE SQUAD! has always been one of the true landmarks in Smart Silliness. And all my best to Sally Decker up in Statesville Prison . . .

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