“Well Brian, I’ve come over from the other side to give you a few hints”

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THE WORLD CUP is finally upon us, so to celebrate, it’s back to the summer of 1982 for a glimpse of some old school ITV coverage.

Jeff Wayne’s synthtastic anthem Matador opens proceedings, before BRIAN MOORE introduces a look at ‘one or two of the lighter moments of the tournament’, including cameo appearances from ERIC MORECAMBE (“Just one Cornetto!”) and MIKE YARWOOD (shamelessly essaying a Lopez Ufarte “joke” in the guise of Brian Clough), an interview with Northern Ireland’s mascot ‘Yer Man’ by a tyro EAMONN HOLMES who, frankly, looks like he might be late for his paper round, and an undercover BBC raid on the ITV camp from messrs HILL and McMENEMY.

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3 responses to ““Well Brian, I’ve come over from the other side to give you a few hints””

  1. televisualcabbage says:

    A treat beyond compare, especially BBC invading ITV’s interview with Big Ron…

    Maybe a reminder to ITV of how a World Cup should be done, from the London studios and looking like a Spanish Villa….

  2. David Pascoe says:

    “He seduced me, if I can put it that way.”

  3. Col says:

    The “Yer Man” clip looks like it was lifted from an edition of Ulster Television’s evening news magazine “Good Evening Ulster”; their other sports reporter at the time, Jackie Fullerton (who got an MBE this weekend) was in Spain covering the tournament.

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