“OK, sometimes we bend the rules… but that’s Casualty!”

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“IN FIVE MINUTES, Pete and Kathy are in for a shock when they return to Albert Square. But first…”

From 1986, the BBC’s original full-length trailer for CASUALTY, featuring consultant EWART PLIMMER introducing us to some of the people we’d soon be getting to know and love at Holby City Hospital. Here’s DUFFY, KUBA and BAZ… and “one of the most aggressive, irritating, natural nurses it’s ever been my good fortune to argue with!” It’s CHARLIE FAIRHEAD!

Once upon a time, this sort of thing was a regular sight on British television. EASTENDERS arrived on our screens with the residents of Albert Square introducing themselves in a series of vignettes (“They call me Lofty – I think it’s cos I live up ‘ere!”), and when NEIGHBOURS moved to the 5.35pm slot in 1988, the BBC enlisted Madge to front a five-minute guide to the good folk of Ramsay Street.

If it were up to us, every new TV drama would be heralded by a lengthy trailer like this, featuring a member of the cast, in character, stopping for a chat (“Oh, hello. Welcome to Cranford!”) and introducing us to the rest of the characters (“and then there’s DC Chris Skelton – ‘e’s a bit dim but his heart’s in the right place!”), before imploring us to tune in each week (“so don’t forget, make a reservation for Hotel Babylon!”).

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2 responses to ““OK, sometimes we bend the rules… but that’s Casualty!””

  1. “‘Ello. I’m DSU Rose Teller. Life’s tough for a woman at the top of the force… but doubly so when you’re the boss of a maverick, rule-breaking cop like DCI John Luther! Oh, don’t get me wrong, he’s probably the most gifted officer I’ve ever seen – but doesn’t he know it?! Luther’s had some problems recently, like the break-up of his marriage. Zoe Luther is his estranged wife. She’s a lawyer. Sexy. Smart. But is she still nursing feelings for her husband? Or is she now ready to start a new life with… Mark North. He’s reliable, trustworthy – everything Luther’s not! As if things weren’t complicated enough, Luther’s first case is going to bring him into conflict with tempestuous physicist Alice Morgan. A real femme fatale! But will she prove fatal to him? Well, not if dependable cops DCI Ian Reed and Justin Ripley have anything to say about it… Oh, and then there’s me. But, you’ll hear about me. See ya.”

  2. Andy Elms says:

    Superb. Always good to see Baz again.

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