Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, The

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1974 to 1976 on ITV (Granada)
Col tries desperately to foster disorderly order Tommy and Bobby - "it's like being in the The Beatles!" - seen here in their Love Me Do phase

"Two peanuts were walking down the street..."RUMBUSTIOUS ROARATHON from pretend working man’s establishment somewhere in the north of England, compered by the deceased BERNARD MANNING and chaired by bell-ringing sidewarden COLIN CROMPTON. Memorably mixed line-ups found the likes of Gene Pitney or Bill Hailey rubbing bejacketed shoulders with baton twirlers, beauty pageants and belly dancers.


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4 responses to “Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, The”

  1. Glenn A says:

    Now there was this Irishman, a queer, a Jew, you get the standard of the humour from Bernard Manning usually struggling to be seen through a fog of tobacco smoke( also banned in pubs now along with the type of jokes that Ben Elton and his friends had banned in the eighties). Only Granada in the seventies could produce this and ratings suggested it went down very well with the social club attending audience it was aimed at.

  2. Tuppenny Rice says:

    Brilliant stuff, this. Cannon and Ball weren’t funny then either. Colin Crompton’s lines, mostly self-penned but occasionally assisted by Neil Shand, were the highlight.

  3. Applemask says:

    Clarification: Manning wasn’t deceased at the time

  4. Droogie says:

    Am I alone in thinking Colin Crompton bore an uncanny resemblance to Frank Skinner?

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